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How to improve the reliability of infrared receiver driver?


Although the infrared receiving head has high luminous efficiency, only a small part of the energy flowing through the infrared receiving head can be radiated in the form of visible light, and the rest of the energy is consumed in the form of heat in the infrared receiving head, so the light source of the infrared receiving head has a severe fever ratio. The infrared receiver driver is usually placed in the interior of the lamp, close to the infrared receiver light source. Under the ambient temperature of only 20-30 ℃, the ambient temperature near the driver can easily reach 50-60 ℃. To ensure the reliability of the driver under such high ambient temperature is a great challenge to the design (especially the efficiency index).
The high reliability of the driving power supply of the infrared receiving head is the important premise of the product quality of the infrared receiving head, and it is also a technical setback to be solved.
In the case of no dimming, the infrared receiver driver is close to full load operation. However, in the vast majority of application fields of switching power supply, such as computer power supply (adapter), communication power supply, household appliances, etc., the uniform power of long-term operation is usually only a fraction of the rated power, and the full power state of all loads are turned on will only appear in a certain few times 。
The reasons for the low reliability of industry infrared receiver drivers are as follows:
First, close to the heat source.
Second, long term full load work.
Third, for roads, squares and other outdoor lighting occasions, it is easy to be damaged by external lightning and other natural phenomena.
All of these will cause a series of defects such as later maintenance to the large-scale application of semiconductor lighting of infrared receiver.