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The infrared receiver is always disturbed. What should I do?


The infrared receiver is always disturbed. What should I do?
Generally, because of the product quality problem or the use environment is too complex, the receiver will encounter the problems of low sensitivity, short receiving distance or even no signal in the use process.
We have summarized the following reasons that will affect the receiving distance of the infrared receiver: 1. There is light interference in the environment where the infrared receiver is used, which will affect the infrared receiver. Generally, these light interference comes from incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and sunlight. 2. The standard pulse width of the infrared receiving head is 600us. When the infrared receiving head receives the signal, it cannot synchronize. If there is a phenomenon of leading or lagging, the infrared receiving head will be insensitive. 3. Electromagnetic wave will also affect the sensitivity of infrared receiver. The source of electromagnetic wave is very complex. The interference from fluorescent rectifier is more common.
Solution: at the beginning of design, the infrared receiver has considered the above interference factors, but at present, the cheaper infrared receiver in the market can not achieve the anti-interference ability. When we design products, we can't eliminate these external interferences, we can only adjust them from the inside, so we should first choose the high-quality anti-interference infrared receiver and recommend the products with film pressing process. The better models include lf1638a, vs1838b series infrared receiver produced by Lanfeng technology, film pressing process of Lanfeng receiver, internal and external double shielding, and high-end ones The chip ensures the receiving sensitivity and anti-interference ability.