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Receiving head



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Receiving head


Boundary dimension: 7.4 * 6.2 * 5.3mm (L * w * h)
Working voltage: 2.7-5.5v
Receiving distance: 10-15m
Pin spacing: 2.54mm
Foot length: 23mm

1. Introduction:
This product contains high-speed and high sensitivity PIN photodiode and low power consumption, high gain preamplifier IC. It is designed with epoxy resin package and shield anti dry flex. The product has passed the reach and SGS certification and belongs to the environmental protection product. It is used as a receiver in the infrared remote control system.
2. Characteristics:
● epoxy resin package and shield design;
● wide working voltage, 2.7-5.5v;
● low power consumption; wide angle and long distance reception;
● strong resistance to dry flex, able to withstand the environment dry flex;
● output matches TTL and CMOS level, low level is effective;
The chip is COMS process, antistatic (HBM > 200V mm > 2000V)
3. Application:
■ audio visual equipment (speaker, TV, DVD, satellite receiver, etc.);
■ home appliances (air conditioning, fans, lighting, etc.);
■ other infrared remote control products.